How Altogic can help?
Typically IT organizations are overloaded with projects and do not have enough capacity to deliver them on time, and struggle to find tech talent. For business units, it takes ages to develop their requirements since they need to compete with other business units to reserve scarce IT capacity and their original requirements usually change massively on the way. For new startups, it is challenging to assemble the right development team with limited funds.
Even after decades of the invention of the computer, application development is still complex, takes a long time, and consumes significant resources. App development is complex because many moving parts and technologies need to be put together and work seamlessly. The overall application development process takes a long time and requires significant automation to shorten the overall duration of development.
Altogic can help IT organizations, businesses, startups, and individuals develop their applications much easier and faster. We lower the cost of application development and maintenance through our cloud platform and automate key stages in the application development process (e.g., design, implementation, integration, and maintenance) so that you can focus on more value-adding activities.
Using Altogic, while you design your application, you actually build it, meaning you do not need to convert (e.g., code) your design to an executable app. You can deploy your app design to your preferred environment and start using your app services in seconds. Similarly, changes in your app design are also automatically reflected in your execution environments in near real-time.
Altogic also provides you the key technologies you need to develop your application backend pre-integrated. With Altogic, you can manage your data (CRUD operations, pagination, iteration, and transactions), handle complex business logic, upload/download files, use memory cache for faster access to frequently used data, use message queues for asynchronous service execution, and schedule jobs that are run periodically or at a specific date and time.
Altogic scope
Additionally, Altogic is a collaborative application development platform. You can add team members with different authorization levels to your apps and work on apps simultaneously from multiple locations. Users view and edit the app data in real-time — instantly seeing edits made by other team members.
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